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A Social and Holistic Approach to Numeracy
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Graphing Activity (group activity)


  • Large lined chart paper for graphing
  • Activity statements
  • Large coloured dots (sticky)
  • Instruction chart

What do you do?

  1. Have learners read the following statements prepared on a flipchart. There are three sets, each with two statements.
    I live west of Thunder Bay.
    I live east of Thunder Bay
    I love to do math.
    I try to avoid doing math.
    I understand kilometres.
    Kilometres confuse me.
  2. Give each learner three dots.
  3. Ask learners which statements apply best to them.
  4. Have learners place one dot beside one statement in each set.

Taking up the activity:

  • Ask learners to share why they put dots on the chart as they did.
  • Looking at the dots on the chart, note: this is a type of graph.
  • Encourage discussion with prompts:
    - What is a graph?
    - What is the value of making a graph?
    - Why do we use graphs?