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A Social and Holistic Approach to Numeracy
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Mind-mapping and Mural Activity (individual activity)


  • Mural paper
  • Arts and crafts materials i.e. markers, pastels, construction paper, magazines/newspapers, string, glitter, feathers, etc.

My Life and Math

What do you do?

  1. Ask learner to think about math experiences in his/her own daily life situations, past and present.
    Prompts to begin the process:Who, What, When, Where, How and Why
  2. Together record the responses in a web/map format. Ask the learner to print their name in the centre circle of the web.
  3. Ask learner to reflect on the mind-map that has been created.
  4. Invite the learner to put together an art piece (mural) depicting the math experiences expressed on the mind-map.
    Some prompts for learner:
    What was the experience? (doing - action)

    What was helpful or positive and what was challenging or difficult about the experience? (being - feelings, emotions)
    What did you come away with?
    Do you see any changes? (knowing - learnings)
  5. Encourage use of a variety of different arts and crafts materials provided and expressing the experiences in words, drawings, symbols, etc.
  6. Can hang in learning area or learner can take away.

    Additional Note:
    This type of activity draws on many aspects of life and learning. It becomes a way for a learner to look at math in a different way. It promotes greater self-awareness in reflecting on math experiences. And it provides another way for practitioners to get to know a learner better.