A Social and Holistic Approach to Numeracy
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Wendy talks about The Ripple: Numeracy in a Social Context

We use a ripple chart to show how our learning is connected not only to us as individuals, but also to our family, our work, our community and the larger world around us. The rings of the ripple are constantly in motion. They move back and forth, interacting and connecting with one another.

How does a social and holistic approach to numeracy make meaning and connect the individual to the larger whole?

We begin with the individual

Who am I? What do I need? How do I interact with others?

We look at who we are within our local community

Our family, work and involvement in geographic, cultural and other communities

We connect to the wider world

Understanding, and situating ourselves in a global economic and social context


At the forum, participants share ways that numeracy helps to make connections in their lives, in the community and in the larger world.