A Social and Holistic Approach to Numeracy
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Tom talks about The Schema of Learning.

A Schema of Learning
This approach embraces the notion of learning as social and holistic. A learner is a whole person — mind, body and spirit — interacting with the world around and connecting to a larger whole.

Learning is an interactive and interconnected process involving being, doing and knowing.
Here are some of the ways we see this in numeracy learning:

Being (identity)

  • becoming self-aware in using mathematics
  • gaining confidence as a ‘numerate’ person
  • making personal connections throughout the learning process

Doing (practice)

  • choosing relevant information
  • applying appropriate skills and strategies
  • reflecting on the learning and the results

Knowing (content & context)

  • creating meaning in daily activity
  • generating mathematical problems, skills or procedures
  • employing mathematical content and techniques that vary according to the situation and depend on the purpose and context in which the numeracy takes place