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A Social and Holistic Approach to Numeracy
Home Activities
At the workshop,
Marcey explores math in her life
In her program,
Marcey and her learner talk about
math in everyday life.
The completed mind map
of math in the learner’s life.

Math in My Life:
building awareness and autonomy

Materials needed:

  • flipchart paper
  • Internet video of someone involved with everyday math
  • magazines, templates, cards, health info, flyers, receipts
  • stuff to help students make personal connections with numeracy

What do you do?

  • Watch video looking for places where the characters used numeracy. Discuss.
  • Look at resources: Where does numeracy come in?
  • On flipchart paper:
    • Write name in middle
    • Cluster or mind-map where numeracy comes up in your life
    • You can look at others, too! Then add to your own
    • You may also draw pictures, symbols, attach “things”, e.g. gas receipt, coupon, pay card
    • Add other numeracy activities you would like to practice
    • Share and discuss, keep adding to poster (mind map)
    • Underline the numeracy areas you most want to work on.