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A Social and Holistic Approach to Numeracy
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From Soccer to Schedule: building personal connections and self-awareness

Given this scenario:

A learner tells me that he is not smart and can’t do math. There is some math in his daily work as a material handler. He has to use his time efficiently around the plant and replenish supplies to assembly cells. He drives a forklift and moves raw material to machine centres. He moves products to shipping when they are completed and boxed. In his personal life, he organizes an annual children’s soccer tournament.

The learner doesn’t see that he has considerable organizing, communication, computer and numeracy skills. He wants to apply for a posted job that requires the ability to monitor different processes through data and schedule parts to be made on different machines using a visual display board.

What do you do?

• Talk to him about his plans. Ask him where else he deals with lots of variables or pressure.

• Make a list with him of the different things involved in the soccer tournament that he sets up in his community.

- The draw (six teams, five age groups, boys and girls)
- Locations
- Officials
- Website
- Volunteers

• Compare his soccer experience with his job.

• Reflect, make a plan.