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A Social and Holistic Approach to Numeracy
Home Activities

Newspaper Activity

Use an actual newspaper flyer.

What do you do?

• Ask learners to generate questions from the prompts (prepare by anticipating questions):

How do you save compared to buying the paper at the newsstand?
How much would you spend each month? Over the 10 months?
How much is the GST?
Where do they get 75% from?
How much would regular delivery come to?

• Related questions:

How do you actually sign up? (e.g. using website)
How do you cancel?
How do you make payment?

Extension Activities:

• Role play: sales rep explains offer and customer asks questions about offer

• Flipchart and matching: provide three labelled charts for students to plot feedback:
1. What we know
2. What we do
3. How we feel

Additional thoughts:

Both of these extension activities would also work well as pre-activities to bring learners’ questions and experience upfront prior to exploring the actual information and posing questions or potential math problem-solving activities.